Research Projects

All India Coordinated Research Projects
Besides the research on zonal. problems, the University also takes part in All India Research Programmes through Coordinated Research Projects of ICAR and other funding agencies. There were 32 Coordinated Research Projects operating in the University through the assistance of ICAR and other agencies till 1992-93. It was increased to 44 in 1995-96. At present there are 48 AICRP with funding at 75:25 are operating in OUAT.

Govt.of India Projects
Agromet Advisory Services (AAS) project of National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) under the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi is operating at five places in Orissa under the University. While Bhubaneswar centre is releasing bi-weekly weather forecast and advisory bulletin, the other four places, namely, Ranital, Keonjhar, Bhawanipatna and Chiplima are releasing weekly bulletin on every Tuesday. The project is 100% financed by the Government of India. The project is likely to start at two more places, namely, G. Udayagiri and Semiliguda. At the end of the 10th Five Year Plan, each of the 10 Agroclimatic zones of Orissa will have one (AAS) centre.

Another project, Cost of Cultivation scheme, financed by Govt. of India to study the cost of cultivation of principal crops is operating in the University. New Research Projects sanctioned in 2005-06 included the following mega projects.

(i) "DBT Rural Bio-resource Complex in villages of Puri district (OUAT, Bhubaneswar)" sanctioned by DBT, Govt. of India at a financial outlay of Rs.386.03 lakhs.

(ii) "Niche Area of Excellence - Management of Acid Soils for sustainable crop production" at a financial outlay of Rs.108.75 lakhs has been sanctioned by ICAR.

(iii) Experiential learning projects
(a) Honey bee
(b) Mushroom
(c) Poultry Meat

(iv) The University is developing international collaboration with the University of Missouri, USA on certain frontier areas of research viz. commercial exploitation of indigenous medicinal plants, developing high yielding varieties of selected commercial crops, reducing harmful effects of pesticides and establishing a joint centre for agricultural policy.

Adhoc Research Projects
At present there are more than 40 adhoc research projects operating in the University. Its number was within 10 before 1992-93. Besides, 11 new externally funded projects at a total financial outlay of Rs.633.382 lakhs and another 15 projects with support of private sector with total outlay of Rs. 28.25 lakhs have been made operational in the University during the year 2005-06.

NATP Projects
Realising the importance of technology transfer to the farmer's fields, ICAR started NATP projects in all the states with the World Bank Assistance. In OUAT 41 NATP projects were operated.

ARIS Project

Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) project of ICAR is operating in OUAT since 1996. Under the project LAN and WAN have been created in the campus.